About us

In Paulines handwork we are selling fabrics, unique petterns, handles, metal parts, tools zipper etc. - everything you need for making your own handwork. 

The company is located the north western part of Denmark and owned by Pauline Zhang. 

Please find the contact information in the following link - Contact

Company history


I love handworks. Having a handwork shop has always been my dream.

In 2013 we moved to Sarlat -- a small and nice city in southwest of France :-). I liked to go around the city, it was full of 14th century buildings, so romantic just as my imagination of France. 

One day, I walked into a nice fabrics shop which was full of great handwork stuff. Hundred kinds of fabrics, yarn, cross stitch etc. I fell in love with the shop right away.  At that time, I liked cross stitch very much, so I bought a set of hello kitty cross stitch and my first piece of fabric. I went home and made my very first bag.


I started my handmaking journey from here. It was so funny, new ideas came to my head all the time, I could not stop. So I tried to talk to the owner of the shop, a nice french woman, if I could make bags and sell in her shop. The answer was "yes", I sold around 10 handmade bags in her shop, it was really a big success to me. I started thinking making my own sewing kits and selling them with great success. .


(Exhibition in France 2014 with my products)

Now (2015) I moved back to Denmark and Im very happy finally to be online with my webshop.

Hope you like it.